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Seabourn Keeps Up Formalities…To A Degree

Seabourn has always had the reputation as being a more “formal” cruise line. While there is a difference between “formal” and “stiff”, many have had a problem differentiating the two.

As a result, and with trends being to more casual attire, Seabourn originally announced that the new Seabourn Odyssey would be entirely Country Club Casual, or “Elegant Casual” in Seabourn-speak. I recall the discussions about possibly having some restaurants as a “formal” venue on certain evenings, but the problems with sort of splitting the ship. (Not exactly like formal nights on NCL with tuxedos and t-shirts standing side-by-side, but possibly uncomfortable nonetheless!)

However, there have been a significant number of past Seabourn guests that enjoy dressing up and did not like the plan. (I am one of them.) So Seabourn has decided to continue the Black Tie Optional nights with one every week on the Seabourn Odyssey.

I also have been told that on the Maiden Voyage and the First Leg of the 2010 World Cruise, Seabourn will have more frequent Black Tie Optional evenings; consistent with the celebratory nature of the grand once in a lifetime experiences.

With the multitude of venues on the Seabourn Odyssey I would suspect that at least one of the fine dining venues will remain Elegant Casual, but only time will tell.

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