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Seabourn Ovation Sets Sail in Greece on July 3, 2021!

Seabourn Ovation is set to sail from Pireaus (Athens) Greece starting July 3, 2021  on two different seven day itineraries which can be combined into 14 day or longer cruises through October 23, 2021, when the Ovation will continue with her previously scheduled itineraries.  As I understand it they will be open for booking on or about April 12, 2021.

[NOTE: For those already booked on the Seabourn Ovation, your bookings will automatically be transferred to the new sailings. You will have the option to keep them or cancel afterwards.]

Seabourn Ovation

The itineraries are as follows, noting again that you can book them back-to-back: 

Itinerary One: Piraeus, Agios Nikolaos, Rhodes, Mykonos, Nafplion and Limassol, Cyprus

Itinerary Two: Piraeaus, Patmos, Rhodes, Thira (Santorini), Spetsai and Paphos, Cyprus

Seabourn’s FlightEase is available for these sailings.

These sailings are, as of now, available all US and International Citizens that, if older than 18, have completed an approved vaccination program at least 14 days prior to sailing. Persons under 18 may not be required to be vaccinated (if they are not available to them).

Here are the details, but keep in this a very conservative “worst case scenario” and that in this Covid-19 world things can, and will, change. So what follows is based upon both what today’s realities are and the cautious start-up conservative approach. In other words, these are not “carved in stone” and are subject to changes and modifications; possibly even prior to the first sailing, but most likely as the sailings progress. 

Regardless of whether you are vaccinated, you will be required to provide a negative PCR test result obtained within 72 hours of sailing. If you are not vaccinated (i.e. you are under 18 years of age; not because you otherwise do not or cannot be vaccinated), Seabourn will administer another PCR test with a negative return before you are permitted to board.  

Speaking of boarding, you are able to enjoy a pre-cruise stay in Greece or anywhere else that permits same. But be aware that you may be required to provide a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to boarding.

Keeping in mind (again) that Seabourn is starting with a conservative approach and that things will probably change and be modified as cruises proceed here are some of the most relevant points:

  • Facemasks will be required in public areas where social distancing is not easily possible (such as show lounges, elevators, etc.)
  • The bars and lounges will be open, but there will not be any seating at the bar or self-service. Waiter service only.
  • The Colonnade and Patio Grill buffets will be open, but service will only be by the Seabourn Staff. Waiter service will also be available.
  • You will be able to dine with others, but certain – still to be finalized – social distancing parameters may be in place.
  • There will be no hosted tables
  • The Fitness Center will be open at 50% capacity. It is still to be determined if facemasks will be required.
  • The Spa will be open
  • Muster/Safety Briefings will be done individually.
  • Wi-Fi will be included
  • No Oceanview Suites will be available for booking. Verandas and above only.
  • Ship capacity will be limited.
  • You will be free to enjoy off-ship experiences during the cruise, on your own or on a Seabourn tour, as you desire.  (NOTE: Seabourn “officially” says only ship tours will be permitted, but it is subject to confirmation otherwise with each port and, as noted, a worst case scenario and subject to change.)
  • If there is a Covid-19 infection suspected or confirmed, there are protocols in place. Those protocols call for addressing the individual and close contacts, but the cruise shall continue.

As I have stated twice before, all of this is subject to change or modification so please do not rely on this article as being the ultimate reference, but rather a “worst case scenario”!

In other words, my crystal ball – and it is only a crystal ball – says that:

  • I anticipate that sitting at the bar, when fully vaccinated, will be permitted.
  • I anticipate that facemask requirements will, at some point, be dropped.  I mean, if you can kiss your grandmother if both of you are vaccinated you should be able to sit a few feet away from another vaccinated person (and most probably not kiss them!)

Also, the Seabourn Book with Confidence program will be applicable to all of these Seabourn Ovation sailings. So I would recommend booking the cruise and if some things that are not to your liking enough that they are deal breakers aren’t changed within 30 days of your cruise, you can cancel and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit.

My approach is that after over a year of Covid precautions being on a Seabourn ship is “the” experience, so whether the itinerary is what I wanted or if it repeats if I am onboard over 14 days, I would oh so suffer through. If I can’t sit at the bar, I can sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the view with my cocktail while chatting with my fellow guests nearby.

These are the first “baby steps”. There are more steps to come…then a walk…then a run…and then back to normal. You know, the REAL normal.  And do you know the best way to get things moving? Support the cruise line you love. 

And if it is Seabourn, now is the time to Show That Love!  A very limited lead-in price is starting at $4,999 per person on certain of the sailing.

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