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Seabourn Will Cruise Asia Year-Round in 2010!

Seabourn has announced today that the Seabourn Pride will cruise Asia year-round for 2010.  This is great news for all cruisers that are looking for new ports to visit. 

The interesting question is: “Where in Asia?”  While all of the ports have not been determined, Peter Cox (Seabourn’s maven on such things) is working as hard as ever to discover ports that have not only the uniqueness desired, but the required infrastructure from docking/tendering facilities to land operations to facilities for those interested in exploring the ports independently.

What I can say is that the Seabourn Pride will operate a number of unique itineraries such as Hong Kong to Tianjin, and Tianjin to Kobe. 

Mr. Cox has described Tianjin is ‘very advanced’ in planning for a cruise terminal, Dalian has having a “magnificent waterfront development plan” and Qingdao, where the Olympic sailing competitions were held, as “a revelation” (though I do remember the tremendous problem with pollution-induced algae just prior to the Olympics).

But do not worry that all the focus will be on China.  Although there is great interest in China, Seabourn is, for example, investigating many other ports such as those in South Korea in addition to those of Busan and Inchon.

For those of you who insisted Seabourn would be getting rid of the triplets as the new ships arrive I am very pleased to be able to say, “Told You So!”  They are not going anywhere…anywhere other than new and unique ports with the same outstanding Seabourn service and food and in the same extraordinarily personalized manner. 

Seabourn will be announcing the remainder of its 2010 itineraries as well as its first quarter 2011 itineraries during the first quarter (or so) of 2009. 

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