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Silversea’s Curious Press Release: Silversea Spirit Sales Figures

It is now October 29, 2009, less than 90 days from the Grand Inaugural Sailing – a 91 day cruise commencing on January 21, 2010. Today I read a news release on Reuters which reads, in part:

“30% of the Silver Spirit`s 91-day Grand Inaugural Voyage, starting at $42,000per person, is sold out. An additional 60% of the 91-day voyage has been sold in segments. Plus, the top priced Grand and Owner`s Suites, topping at $129,000 per person for the full 91 days are 98% sold.”

Being one who tries to read between the lines, I paused immediately to ask what is 30% sold out? Does that mean there is 70% availability?

But then there is the second figure that 60% of the Grand Voyage has been sold in segments. What does that mean?

Does it mean that only a portion of the 91 day voyage was ever offered as a 91 day cruise, with 60% reserved for segments only? If that is the case then there are not many guests on the Inaugural. And there could well be over 50% of the suites vacant for the entirety of the 91 days – unsold to full or segment guests.

If it means that 30% of the Silversea Spirit’s total capacity has been sold as the full 91 Day Inaugural Grand Voyage, then in this economy it is quite good news. Similarly, if it means that an additional 60% of the suites have been sold for the 91 days (through various segment sales), that too is great news. If combined that would lead one to possibly conclude that around 90% of the sailing has been sold.

What causes me concern is that no clear figures have been used by Silversea. Instead it used the worrisome tactic of using statistics over statistics (a/k/a “You can misuse statistics to say anything.”)

I, therefore, ask why didn’t Silversea clearly state something along the lines of “Over ___% of the Inaugural Grand Voyage capacity has been sold, with ___% of our guests opting for the full 91 day voyage.”

Any answers? Any clarifications? Please!

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