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Sometimes Love Is In The Air…And Stupidity Grounds Aircraft!

Remember the fiasco at Newark Airport last Sunday when a man walked through a security checkpoint when a TSA officer was not at his post? Remember all the passengers having to be rescreened, the chaos in the airport and the cancellation of so many flights…all on a holiday weekend?

Well it seems that this “genius” apparently thought his sneaking into the restricted area to give his wife/girlfriend a kiss and then, apparently, walk her to her gate was a loving thing to do. What a self-centered and ignorant idiot…if, of course, what you see on the video below is true!

The Kiss Video

(Skip to the 5 minute 15 second mark to see the “action”)

In this world of increasingly “It is all about me”, I have to wonder if this person (whose identity I think may now be know) ever thought that his romantic selfishness cost Continental Airlines millions of dollars and the innocent passengers even more than that in money, time and emotions.

Although I am one for compassion, in this instance the man should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and his punishment should be posted at every similar entrance…so that other selfish idiots don’t try the same thing.

And, while I am on this rant, the TSA officer should not only be reassigned, but fired and he too should be prosecuted if at all possible.

I can’t wait for the excuses both these geniuses put forth.

What’s that word? Oh, yes: Accountability.

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