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What Does the CDC and the Media Have Against the Cruise Industry? Facts Should Matter…Egos, Hype and Ratings Shouldn’t

“If I knew then, what I will learn tomorrow!” For reason that I believe are based upon prejudice/bias, lack of information, the need for sexy headlines, and even ego (among other things), there have been, and will continue be, an improper attack on the cruise industry; including a singular shift of responsibilities from individuals and

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Our New Reality and Planning New Travel Experiences Now!

The World has been through many ordeals…many far worse than COVID-19.We will survive and eventually thrive, just like we always have. The past month has been an ordeal for many; some emotional, some financial, some both.  And we have made it through it not really knowing how – or even at times why – we

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Social Spacing/Social Distancing and Travel: Oh, What to Do? Keep Perspective, Think Positive, & Look Forward. The Travel Industry is NOT Going Anywhere!

While you are engaged in Social Spacing/Social Distancing:Keep Yourself Dreaming!(Yes, I took this photo on a Safari in Kenya – A Travel Idea?) The past three weeks have been chaotic to say the least. And with those having travel plans, it has been – for many – nothing short of an emotional and logistical ordeal.

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COVID-19: Attacking the Cruise Industry is a Cheap and Meritless Shot. Enough of the Hype, Fear & Media Circus. What are the Facts?

This is not a political article.This is not a sales pitch.This is an attempt to interject some sanity and rational thought to a viral situation that, other than to a small minority, should not really impact the lives of billions (that’s right: billions) of people. There is a battle going on regarding the coronavirus known

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Coronavirus COVID-19: A Luxury Travel Agent’s Perspective

I have received a number of emails from both clients and readers about my thoughts on the novel coronavirus, now officially named COVID-19. Rather than writing individual emails I thought it best to write an article answering all of them in one place. Over the past weeks, the No. 1 topic…and No. 1 headache…has been

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