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And Now: Frustrating Cruise News…Oh, and Wear a Mask!

“We have failed,” CEO Daniel Skjeldamn told a news conference. “I apologize strongly on behalf of the company.” Over the weekend, it was announced the Hurtigruten, the Norwegian shipping and cruise line, had an outbreak of COVID-19 on its ship, Roald Amundsen during its first and/or second cruise in Norway. As of this moment, there

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What Does the Future Hold For Regent Seven Seas Cruises?

For the past few days we have had some pretty interesting and honest discussion about the trials and tribulations at Regent Seven Seas Cruises. I am sure as you have read them you probably feel I am very negative about Regent. Well, guess what: You Are Wrong! Going back to 2003 or 4 (I don’t

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Regent Seas Seas Cruises Will Reduce, And Keep, Its Fleet At Three

Regent has confirmed that its new ship is now further from reality than it had been.  Granted with the present economy it is not surprising (and, to be sure, may well make some good economic sense), but there was so much “talk” about it by Regent that its now discussing the mothballing of the ship 

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Paul Gauguin – The Future

Today I had a very interesting discussion with Roy Grimsland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paul Gauguin Shipping Limited, the owner and soon to be exclusive operator of the Paul Gauguin cruise ship now being chartered, in effect, by Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line through 2009. As is set forth in various

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Review: Regent Seven Seas Paul Gauguin (August 2007)

Having just provided a rather lengthy review of my Goldring Travel 2008 Food & Wine Cruise on the Seabourn Spirit and my Goldring Travel 2007 Food & Wine Cruise, I thought posting my last year’s review of the Regent Seven Seas Paul Gauguin might be of interest. I have pieced it together from a few

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Another Reason Conde Nast Traveler Bugs Me!

I received an email notification of another blog claiming Conde Nast Traveler’s editor said the NCL Gem was simply the best. When I went to find the article I found that was not exactly what was said, but I also found the Conde Nast Traveler’s Cruise Finder, so I gave it a shot. I gave

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Silversea To Give Regent SERIOUS Competition in French Polynesia

It is now official. Silversea has announced that is exploration ship, Prince Albert II, is going to be cruising Tahiti and French Polynesia from mid-March 2009 through October 2009. The ship is significantly different than Regent’s Paul Gauguin both in size and approach. The Silversea experience is defined as “luxury” and “exploration” rather than a

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