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The “Gold Standard” Luxury Travel Forum

Well, I was working on the forum rules this morning, struggling with how to make the upcoming forum fresh and upscale and, of course, what the heck to call it. Then it came to me The “Gold Standard” Luxury Travel Forum. It expresses high quality, stability, the standard others are measured by and, of course, Goldring Travel.

As for the Rules, other than the normal stuff, this is what they are:

This forum has been established out of need for comfortable place to have intelligent discussion about luxury travel.

Many of us look beyond our next cruise and are fascinated, and want to learn about, what makes the cruise business, a cruise line, or even a crew member, tick. The heart of any good discussion is disagreement, differing views and alternative perspectives. It is the basis of how we, as adults (and you must be 13 or older to even be here!) learn and grow. So feel free to respectfully express your disagreement with someone’s post (Isn’t that refreshing!).

There are a few basic rules: It is essential for this forum to succeed that everyone respects each other’s individual interests, perspectives and reasons for being here. That means, in part, this is a “Cheerleader Free Zone”. In other words, Cruise Line X may be your favorite and you cannot conceive of how anyone could possibly want to cruise on Cruise Line Y, but frankly the members here do not care. (That’s why they are here!) We care about intelligently discussing various aspects of luxury cruising…but we do care about why you love Cruise Line X. So, just as one dismisses the opinion of a child who just stamps his feet and says “Because I say so”, your post may be dismissed/deleted if you don’t provide intelligent discussion as to why you say so.

It also means that while we want this place to be comfortable and even friendly, if you have the urge to post to everyone “Have a great cruise” or “Say hello to my favorite stewardess, A” please do it in a way that it doesn’t disrupt an intelligent discussion.

I would love for those to be the only rules, but there are a few more:

Hopefully my next post on this subject will be to announce the board is active.

In the meantime, please let me know of any comments or suggestions. They all are appreciated. (Even if you hate the name. Nothing is carved in stone!)

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