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Update on New Goldring Travel Message Board and Special Seabourn Pricing

I know a number of you are patiently waiting for the news…and delivery…of the new message board and the special Seabourn pricing.  Both are making good progress, but both are taking a bit longer than I anticipated or would like.  BUT both are coming along nicely nonetheless.

Some info on the new Message Board:

I want the discussion to be changed, so I am not going to have it broken down by cruise line.  The areas are, so far:

1.  Luxury at Sea
a.  The Software – Service, Cuisine and Amenities
b.  The Hardware – The Ships

2.  Luxury on Land -Tours, Excursions and Longer Experiences

3.  General Discussions

4.  Cruise Reviews

I am trying to arrange for Anonymous posts to be permitted, but the individuals will still have to register with the site.  This will, obviously, help reduce the “one post wonders” and other disruptive influences.  That may take a bit longer, but it will not hold up launching the site. 

I am told I can work for a Tuesday launch…hopefully.

If you have any other suggestions let me know.

As for the Seabourn pricing.  I am waiting just like you. Sorry, but doing something special takes special handling.  In the interim, if there is a cruise you are interested, please don’t wait because if it is a specially priced cruise I will adjust the price. 

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