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The Seabourn Crew – Simply The Best…Just Listen To Their Stories

I have spoken often about the difference between the crew and staff of Seabourn and the other cruise lines.  Yes, there are outstanding members of other cruise line’s staff, but they generally act as individuals among many.  On Seabourn they act as a team (or, as they say, a family). 

After so many posts I have been struggling how to best express this because it is generally a “You have to experience it to understand it” kind of thing.  Yes, the stories of champagne magically appearing as you sit in the whirlpool, the first meal of your second cruise being gluten-free without your asking, your favorite music being played as you arrive at the Sky Bar, etc. abound, but those that haven’t experienced Seabourn just cannot understand the quality of the people.

There is a sort of private site (you need to know it exists) maintained by Seabourn which gives great insight into what it takes to even be considered for a position.  More importantly, at least for the purposes of being “wowed” by the crew, there are a few short videos where the crew express the reason Seabourn Guests are so fond of them.  Go to  Seabourn Crew Videos and click on each photo at the bottom of the page.  (You also get a few peaks behind the scenes.)

In exactly one month I will be in Venice having to struggle through one last night before I board the Seabourn Odyssey.  It is going to be more than just the most luxurious cruise ship at sea, it is going to be the most luxurious cruise ship at sea with the best crew wanting to make it even better.

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