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Windstar’s Star Pride – December Grounding Means No Sailings Until April 9, 2016

Windstar Cruises can’t seem to get a break when it comes to the Star Pride.

The Star Pride has a special place in my heart.  She was my first Seabourn cruise; a three day sailing out of New York City.  I have a shirt from her 1988 Inaugural Season hanging by my desk and a five foot model of her in my conference room.

Goldring Travel’s Conference Room
The Seabourn Pride (now Star Pride)
Invitations to the Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn & Quest Inaugural Sailings

When Windstar made its deal with Seabourn to take over the former Seabourn Pride, Seabourn Spirit and Seabourn Legend (now Star Pride, Star Breeze and Star Legend) it had to act quickly; taking the Pride before Windstar was ready with all the necessary plans for its refurbishment and with little ability to engage in pre-delivery marketing.

But Windstar Cruises did a great job getting the Star Pride up, running, partially refit and providing a solid premium cruise experience.  You can read my articles Windstar Cruises – Star Pride Black Sea Cruise – Part I and Part II for a description and photo tour of her.

Star Pride, however, has done more.  She acted as a sort of a working model to make some fantastic upgrades to her sisters (Star Breeze and Star Legend).  You can see the many improvements and more expansive refitting and refurbishment on the Star Breeze and Star Legend in my article Windstar Cruises’ Star Breeze Inaugural Cruise – Part II – The Transformation of A Cruise Line

Unfortunately, just before Christmas the Star Pride was run aground off Isla de Coiba, Panama and sustained damage to her hull, so much so that the cruise had to be terminated.  While determining what repairs are required, and what other work can be done to continue the Star Pride’s refitting and refurbishment…and while finding an open slot at a qualified shipyard somewhat nearby, she presently is anchored off of Balboa, Panama with her Caribbean season effectively ended.

I am hoping that, as planned, “my” little gem of a ship will be buffed up and ready to sail in all her true glory this coming Spring and Summer seasons plying the waters between Venice, Athens and Istanbul.

In the meantime:  Captain: Take care of my ship!

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