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A Cruise Critic Thorn Exposed…And Why You Can’t Trust Cruise Critic – Really!

Yesterday I read probably the most refreshing post I have ever read on Cruise Critic and there was nothing the sanitizing and “protect my favorite poster” Host Dan could do about it.  Without overstating it, it was a bit of nirvana and catharsis at the same time. 

It said what I have been saying for years (and why, in part, I stopped posting on Cruise Critic). You simply cannot rely on the information posted there. Check out my post on the subject from July 2, 2008:  Where Did The “Critic” in Cruise Critic Go?  (I have been writing this blog that long??? Wow!)

While being accused by some, including who I am about to speak of, of having an agenda so I should not be listened to or trusted (not sure what agenda…I could never figure that out), the fact is that tons of great information from me and others has been overwhelmed and obscured by misinformation, clutter and cheerleading.

So with that I feel it important to quote Frank Del Rio, the head of Prestige Cruise Holdings, which effectively owns Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises, setting forth his opinion of the most flagrant cheerleader of Regent, the greatest supplier of clutter and the purveyor of the most misinformation:

“TravelCat2 comments
are more often than not,
and more importantly,
not true…”.
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