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Goldring Travel is a Top Selling Seabourn Travel Agent – Not Just a Resource for Travel Agents That Want to Sell Seabourn

Over the past days I have posted a huge amount of information concerning the Seabourn Odyssey.  In fact, I think I have posted more information than any other source; not only photos, but useful commentary and opinion.

While I have voluntarily provided this information for my clients and forum members and others who are looking for information about the Seabourn Odyssey, I am shocked by the number of travel agencies who have been visiting this blog.  It is a very nice nod that the cruising world has identified Goldring Travel as one of the definitive sources, but it raises a very interesting question.

The question is:  Do you want your cruise to be handled by someone who knows the answers and has the philosophy of “treating you as you will be treated onboard” the Yachts of Seabourn or someone who is relying on that person’s knowledge to answer your questions?

Oh, and by the way, you need to ask that “other” travel agent what extra services and amenities and discounts they are providing.  Goldring Travel actually doesn’t consider the added values “extra” because, honestly, it is how we always do things. 

However, if there is something “extra” that is needed, it is our pleasure; not an obligation.  We love to exceed your expectations! 

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