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Seabourn Spirit – Chicago Sun-Times Review – Another Convert

I was reading through some news articles about the cruise lines and one of my client’s names jumped out…so I actually read the entire article. 
Lori Rackle, of the Chicago Sun-Times just posted her review of her time on the Seabourn Spirit:  Pampered Passengers Aboard Small – Scale Seabourn Spirit Seabourn Spirit Turns Everyone Into A Special-Request Guest
She, a new to Seabourn cruiser – nicely explains not only what is so wonderful about the smaller Seabourn triplets (Yes, folks, Seabourn is not just about the Seabourn Odyssey!), she admits how easily Seabourn…well, I will let Ms. Rackle explain it.
She starts her article off stating:
The service on Seabourn’s three vessels — Spirit, Pride and Legend — consistently rates among the highest in the small cruise ship category in travel magazine polls. That’s all well and good, but I tend to think of myself as a low-maintenance traveler who rarely plays the special request card, so all that “whatever you want, whenever you want it” premium pampering is a bit wasted on me. Give me some fantabulous food, a comfortable bed and spectacular scenery and you can call me Mrs. Bernie Madoff for all I care.
And then she ended her article…as so many converted Seabourn fans do:
Even on formal nights, guests can dial room service and have their lavish meal brought to their cabin, course by course. I thought this sounded like a fine way to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which happened to be at the end of the cruise. I asked room service if it would be possible to throw in an extra course of caviar. And would it be too much trouble to whip up a special chocolate dessert? As long as I was playing the special request card, could they scatter a few rose petals on the bed and decorate the room with some balloons, too?

Absolutely, we can do that,” the staff member said. He jotted down my multiple requests on his note pad before wishing me — a formerly low-maintenance traveler — a happy anniversary. By name, of course.

Once again, you can see that on Seabourn it is not about giving a passenger what they want, it is providing the guest with what they actually desire.

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