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Goldring Travel’s 2023 Culinary & Cultural Journey on Explora I – The First Culinary Highlight

The 2023 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Journey on Explora Journey’s Explora I is quickly approaching and the excitement is building for this experience which is in combination with Explora I’s Maiden Voyage on July 17, 2023.

Explora Journeys’ Explora I

From all reports everything in preparation for Explora I’s Naming Ceremony on July 8, 2023 (I will be there!) and her Maiden Voyage is going well and are on time.  The onboard personnel – who are referred to as “hosts” – are readying to board the ship – those that aren’t already onboard – and get things into operation.

One of my favorite aspects of the Explora Journeys experience is, of course, the culinary journey and Explora I’s nine (9) culinary destinations. However, for me the one I am most looking forward to the exclusive Chef’s Table; an experience limited to a very privileged twelve (12) guests.  So, of course, Goldring Travel has reserved the Chef’s Table for one every exclusive and private evening for his 2023 Culinary & Cultural Journey!

Three Michelin Star Chef Mauro Uliassi

I am very excited to announce that Three Michelin Star Chef Mauro Uliassi will be the star chef onboard our journey and will be in charge of our Private Chef’s Table  Experience. His restaurant Uliassi has also been named No. 12 on the World’s Top 50 Restaurants.  (Be sure the check out the links!) 

Chefs Frank Garanger & Mauro Uliassi

Chef Uliassi will be teaming up with Explora Journey’s Executive Chef Franck Garanger throughout the journey.

Our world-class chefs’ photo is intentionally shown in a casual, friendly, manner because that is how Explora Journeys wants you to feel when onboard. Even at Uliassi there is no dress code and it is pet friendly! (On Explora I dress is casually elegant in the evenings and – sorry – it is not pet friendly.)

EXPLORA I’s Anthology

Lucky for everyone onboard Explora I, Chef Uliassi’s unique culinary artistry is not limited to the Chef’s Table, but also Anthology; one of the few additional cost dining experiences. (190 Euros per person + 75 Euros for an Extraordinary Wine Pairing, if desired)

As you know, it is my job – it really is – to dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world, whether it be in New York, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen…or – as I will be later this week – Budapest,  as just some examples. 

Why do I engage in such hard work? So that when a luxury travel product (land or sea) says it has a world-class dining experience I can honestly evaluate if it is…or as I sometimes find…not.

I know that some have resistance to paying additional for a particular dining experience when on what is said to be an “all-inclusive” product, but that truly has been a marketing ploy and/or a way to limit demand…until now!

Anthology is not your typical luxury cruise line upscale dinner offering. The ingredients and the quality of the ingredients are like nothing you have ever experienced at sea…and very few places on land.  (And, of course, it is not for everyone and Explora I has plenty of other dining options!  Read: Explora Journeys – A True Culinary Experience!)

The Eight Course Tasting Menu created by Chef Mauro Uliassi for Anthology on Explora I’s Maiden Voyage is:

amuse bouche 

Sepia tagliatelle with Oscietra caviar by Calvisius


Raw Red Shrimp – Mauro Uliassi

Raw Red Shrimp 

with tangerine extract, pineapple and sage blossoms

Rimini festival

Grilled squid skewer and iced lemontte pearls

Tuna alla puttanesca

Tomatoes, basil, anchovies, capers and arugula

Marrowbone Marinara

Cod tripe, celery seed

Pasta and Tomato à La Hilde – Mauro Uliassi

Pasta and tomatoes à la Hilde

in an infusion of fig leaves

main dishes 

Beef tenderloin Jersey

with bacon from prosciutto, potato cream and smoked paprika


sea bass

with grilled mango, morels and butter sauce


Smoked tofu and grilled apricot

with horseradish, bay leaf, raspberry vinegar reduction and spring onion jus


Before dessert

Strawberry granita, mascarpone and cardamom meringue


Uliassi-style tiramisu, 85% chocolate ice cream

Mignardises – Mauro Uliassi


Can you tell that I am truly excited not only to board Explora I, but to have you also enjoy an amazing journey onboard her? 

I can “taste” it!  

Can you?

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