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Some Words of Experience About a Seabourn Captain – From Someone Who Knows When It Matters!

On August 17, 2011 Shelly Davies and her partner where adrift in a very small boat (which they had rented and, to their great dismay, broke down) in the cold and dark of night in the Aegean Sea of the coast of Greece.  Captain Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen and the crew of the Seabourn Quest rescued them.  You can read the details here.

Shelly read my recent article about Captain Geir-Arne and emailed me about it.  I asked her if I could share some of her thoughts and she enthusiastically said yes. 

I am sure you will agree after reading them that absolute confidence in the training, experience and humanity that goes into being a Seabourn captain (and especially THIS Seabourn captain) is in order:

“The crew onboard the Quest that night were incredible people and…we are are still in touch – which is lovely as we shared such an experience that night.

I did smile reading a recent news article regarding the manoeuvrability of these new breed of cruise liners…[I]f only the reporter who had written this could have seen Captain GA and his team manoeuvre the Quest just a few feet to shield our little boat from the wind so that they could rescue us (without the wind blowing us further away) he may have eaten his words!

Captain GA is a lovely man and a fantastic Captain…You can’t believe how grateful I am that it was GA and team out on the Aegean that night!

Captain GA is everything you wrote in your article and more!”

Shelley said Captain GA…and team.  Something to think about…with a smile.

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