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Double Standards – Why Was Regent’s Sanitation Failure Buried and Now Downplayed (When Silversea Problems Were Highly Publicized)?

I am baffled as to how Goldring Travel seemingly was the first outlet publishing that the Regent Seven Seas Navigator significantly failed its Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Inspection.  On August 26, 2013 I wrote the article:  Regent Seven Seas Navigator Fails CDC Inspection on June 16, 2013 – Why Was This Not Reported? Regent

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Regent Seven Seas Navigator – She Is Finally Looking Like A Luxury Cruise Ship.

For years I have shunned the Regent Seven Seas Navigator due to her excessive vibration, drab and quirky interiors, horrible maintenance and systems issues and, let me think…could there be anything else as far as hardware goes????? (OK, she has wonderful suites and excellent bathrooms, but those were marred by various systems and maintenance problems.)

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Regent Seven Seas – Shake Up and (Hopefully) Shake Out of the Navigator

When Prestige Cruise Holdings purchased Regent Seven Seas Cruises from Carlson it really had no idea how bad things were on one of the ships, the Navigator.  And since that day it has struggled with pretty much unthinkable conditions ranging from “little things” like brown water to defective air conditioning, to total losses of power

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Ship Happens, You See It Happening, You Step On The Ship Anyway And…

I am fascinated, and baffled, by what is now happening with the Regent Voyager and its passengers.  While Regent Seven Seas is encountering what can only be considered the “perfect storm” of logistical and public relations nightmares, there are some passengers who are demanding perfection…when they were given an “out” which would have avoided the

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Head to Head Challenge: Seabourn Odyssey vs. Regent Seven Seas Navigator

Here is a great opportunity for those Regent loyalists to experience Seabourn in what is about as close to a head-to-head opportunity as possible. And Goldring Travel is going to guarantee you are going to find Seabourn to be a superior overall cruise experience. The terms of the challenge are simple: If you have sailed

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