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The Sojourn of the Seabourn Odyssey Pre-Inaugural Cruise – Exterior Spaces…Lots of Them!

One of the concerns for those who have not been on the Seabourn Odyssey is whether the ship will be crowded with double the a guests who enjoy the triplets.  It is bit ironic because with the Seabourn Odyssey being about three times the size of the Seabourn Pride, Legend and Spirit, there not only is more space, there are many innovative spaces.

Starting on the bow is the favorite “Secret” Whirlpool (an improved version over the triplets).  There are lounges surrounding the whirlpool as well.

Up high, overlooking the bow, is the Sun Terrace.  It is wonderful space that, surprisingly, is fairly sheltered from the wind.  A perfect place to supervise the Seabourn Odyssey’s navigation.  I do not know if it will be available for use in the evenings, but I could definitely see taking a whiskey (and a cigar?) after dinner and staring at the stars.
Moving aft is The Retreat, a sheltered area with nice lounge seating, shuffleboard and…two Putting Greens:
As you walk aft there is a smaller area above the Sky Bar with comfortable seating and a couple of tables and chairs.  I will not discuss, again, the Sky Bar, Patio Bar, Patio Grill or Main Pool area, though you have to by now understand that crowds are not something to be concerned about.  Seabourn has well and truly designed the Odyssey to have many comfortable, smaller, areas.
One of my favorite areas – if not a bit unusual – is the Second Pool which is behind The Club lounge.
This is the view from the Colonnade on Deck 8 looking down on the Seabourn Square’s small outside deck on Deck 7 (sneaked that in on you, didn’t I…’err, I mean, Seabourn) and the Second Pool area on Deck 5 outside The Club (which clearly is quite private save the few lounges on the arched area). 
Personally, I think there not only is a remarkable amount of deck space, but a unique mix of wonderful spaces that provide a multitude of opportunities to sun, relax, play, eat, drink or socialize.
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