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The Sojourn of the Seabourn Odyssey Pre-Inaugural Cruise – Seabourn Got It Wrong!!! (The Seabourn Square)

Seabourn has talked about, and pitched, the Seabourn Square as some sort of place to get things done or, rather, “an innovative concierge lounge inviting guests to access every shipboard service”. Well, I can now tell you, quite emphatically, that Seabourn was wrong!
The Seabourn Square is not a place to get things done, but rather more of a “Resort Within a Ship”. It is a place to do something, a bit or nothing at all in a very upscale space which is easy to socialize in or to have a bit of privacy.

You can, among other things:

Relax overlooking the ship’s wash in very cool and comfortable lounge chairs, or

Enjoy a gelato or pastry, or

Check your email, or

Meet friends for an espresso while seating in beautiful and comfortable chairs or sofas, or

Read a book from the library in a very comfortable chair, or

Sit at the coffee bar for a cappuccino and see who stops in, or

Arrange a private shore excursion, or (as I did) ask the concierge for a creative solution to a problem with your wife’s dress (and on Seabourn they can’t say “No”…so I was in luck!), or…

Well you get the idea.

Now, does the Seabourn Square look or feel like “an innovative concierge lounge inviting guests to access every shipboard service”. I think not.

In fact, I believe it is a space that some people (possibly those that think they would be more comfortable at a Four Seasons hotel rather than on a cruise ship) could easily spend the majority of their day. It is definitely a “You’ve got to experience it to understand it” kind of place.

So the cruise world is being shaken up. No tour desk lines. No standing around waiting for the purser. Who should I speak to when making a dinner reservation? No call to housekeeping. Can you imagine such a thing? You don’t need to. It exists on the Seabourn Odyssey.

As I just kept saying to myself over and over again on the Seabourn Odyssey, “How cool is that?!”

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