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The Sojourn of the Seabourn Odyssey Pre-Inaugural Cruise – The Standard Suites Part 2

The balconies are a bit wider than you would expect, which does give a great feeling of space. The reason is so that you can enjoy the fifth dining option on this ship – dining on your veranda – in total comfort.
The balcony has a dining height table and two aluminum and mesh fabric chairs coupled with a reclining lounge chair with removable sloped foot rest. (Once they have been fully tested by me I will let you know how they function.  A short sit was very comfortable.)
One thing that I am not thrilled about: the dividers between the suite balconies are not floor to ceiling, so if you have noisy neighbors you might have an issue. (What it does do is allow you to see that what you are standing on is well and truly full dimensional wood…and it feels, sounds and smells like it. I mean you are on a ship after all.)
One area of concern has been the metal/glass windscreen on the V1-V2 suites. Personally, I think it is a lot of nothing now that I have seen them. They are probably a great value for those wanting a veranda, but not so sure about spending on the premium. As you sit on the veranda you see well above them, so it really doesn’t affect your view. If you are in the suite, there is some cutting off of your lower view, but not as much as I thought there would be. I have provided a photo taken at eye level while standing in the suite and also from the back of the suite, so you can decide for yourself it is an issue or not.

 The Bathroom, clad in a grey granite, has as you walk in, has a shower on the “hallway side” and a proper bathtub on the other.
There are two sinks mounted under a brown marble counter and the faucets are great because they allow for plenty of room to get your hands underneath them.
The shower head is very cool and there is a separate hand shower, but I fear the shower may be a bit tight if you are a larger person. (I am 5’ 10” and not exactly thin and find it comfortable. If I was pushing 300+ pounds it might be a problem.) It is an excellent shower, though I have had a problem with water flowing out onto the bathroom floor.  (I put a towel on the floor before my shower, as I have on other ships with the same issue.)
Storage is provided with two smaller glass shelves on the wall and another glass shelf hidden on either side under the sinks. (Of course the signature corner glass cabinet housing the Molton Brown amenities, glasses and sundry items is there as well. It has been updated too.)
As for the closet and overall storage, it is much improved.  The dresser at the foot of the bed provides plenty of shelf storage and the closet provides both proper drawers and two rows of hanging space.
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