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The Sojourn of the Seabourn Odyssey Pre-Inaugural Cruise – The Standard Suites Part 1

Here is a peak at the standard suites. I know that makes them seem rather common, but they are anything but. The suites do have same sort of feel as the triplets, so you will be at home, but there are many improvements, some very subtle and others rather important.

As with the triplets, the A, A1 and V1-V6 are identical save the balconies.

Starting with the bed, it is higher and the mattresses are thicker. (A large wheeled garmet bag slipped right under the bed for for storage.) I can also report that the bed are extremely comfortable, as I have now I personally tested mine last evening.

The lighting over the bed is improved with two separate wall lamps plus individual flexible high intensity reading lamps.

Bedside storage now has a cubby for books and magazines as well as a deep drawer.

The lounge area has a nice sized proper sofa (suitable for napping on as my DW tested the sofa yesterday and it passed the test with flying colors) and two very comfortable leather chairs coupled with a glass topped table…perfect for a laptop to write a blog with…err I mean to dine on.

The storage seat is now a leather stool/table with a wood top. The result is a space that is easier to get around and seemingly more spacious, but with more furniture. (The room between one chair and the table is a bit tight, but if you don’t mind things being slightly asymmetrical the fix is simple: move the table slightly.

I have yet to try out the interactive television system, but did note that there is an iPod dock mounted right to the cabinet as it integrates into the entire entertainment system; not just a radio or cd player. (You will see it on the left underneath the television.)

There is a seperate vanity area in the hallway next to the bathroom. The space is great for two reasons: It gives the person using it privacy and it give the person not using it the ability to use the rest of the suite without getting in the way. The mirror is, quite nicely, framed so it does not look like a vanity, but more like an entry nook for keys and such when not in use. One problem is that it is too close to the suite door, so if it is opened the person sitting at the vanity is in full view of whomever is entering…or passing by. Alas it is a great, if imperfect, improvement.

Next up: Bathrooms and Balconies.

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