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The Yacht Report’s 100th Edition: Iamboatman’s Thoughts About the Future of Superyachts Are Published

Yesterday I received an email from a truly innovated, environmentally responsible, yacht designer in France congratulating me on my new article in The Yacht Report’s 100th edition.
I was, to be honest, caught off guard as I did not recall writing a new article and, as it is a United Kingdom publication, its U.S. distribution is generally about 2 weeks later than Europe’s.

Today I went on line to one of my favorite websites, The Yacht Report’s http://www.synfo.com/ and downloaded the lastest edition. And there it was: A full page of my thoughts on the future of superyachts…something I had written in response to an email request some months ago, put into a very nice article.

I consider it quite an honor for what I believe to be the most relevant, highest quality, yachting publication to so prominently include me in its 100th edition. So Martin, Tork and all the rest of the TYR group I want to say, “Thank You.”

If you are interested in reading my thoughts…and you wouldn’t be reading this far if you weren’t, would you?…here you go:

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