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United Kingdom and Australia: Looking for a U.S. Seabourn Travel Agent? Goldring Travel Has Your Number.

If you are looking for a U.S. travel agent who specializes in selling The Yachts of Seabourn cruises, or for that matter any luxury cruise, your plight just become easier!

As technology advances and our world becomes smaller communication becomes easier. However, one thing that I simply do not accept is that an email is a substitute for a personal conversation. 

To that end, Goldring Travel strives to assure that my clients can contact me virtually anytime and anywhere. If I am not in the office and you choose not to call me on my mobile (I give everyone my mobile number) I receive instant notification of your voicemail.  You send me an email and I receive it just as if I was in the office.  Shoot me a fax and I’ve got it just the same.

Goldring Travel then instituted the use of Skype so that clients from California to Israel can video chat with me.  It is, I believe, nice to see who you are talking with.  (And if you want to Skype while not looking your best, you can do it without video.

But if someone in the United Kingdom or Australia wasn’t that computer saavy or finds that amount of technology just too much and simply wanted to pick up the telephone and call me, it meant making an international call.  Technology has changed that! Now if you are in the UK or OZ, you can call me on a local number (and it is, for you, charged merely as a local call!):

Goldring Travel’s London, England telephone number is:    +44 20 8133 3450

Goldring Travel’s Brisbane, Australia telephone number is: +61 7 3102 4685

This is just just one more way that Goldring Travel finds ways to improve upon its motto: “Be Treated By Your Travel Agent As You Will Be Onboard!”

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