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Seabourn Quest World Cruise: Enjoying the Spa…And Husbands (Sort of)

One of my clients on the Seabourn Quest 2013 World Cruise just sent me an email about her time in the Seabourn Quest’s Spa.  I post it here for your enjoyment, inspiration and…


What’s a cruise without spa appointments?  You can’t just spend your time on tours or at lectures or eating or going to watercolor classes, can you?  It’s time to hit the spa, located on Deck 9.  The Quest’s facility is amazing, with lots of treatment rooms plus a huge meditation area with heated lounges surrounding a circular fountain, private spa villas that can be reserved for the day, hydro pools, gym, hair salon, water therapy and reflexology rooms, yoga classroom. —  you get the picture.  Oh, I forgot the New Age music and cucumber water ( the only part that’s free).  

I’ve spent time there for manicures, pedicures and haircuts, but these appointments never took me into any  of those mysterious back rooms.  I decided it was time.

First assignment:  find some intriguing treatments.  Do I want facial therapies, massage therapies, or body therapies?  Hmmm…. Maybe one of each.  ( at this point Jeff is giving me the eye roll).  OK, here are some choices:  Thai Herbal Poultice Massage, Aroma Stone Therapy, Bamboo Massage, Seaweed Wrap, Ionitherapie Revitalizing Leg Therapy, Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow and Massage, Frangipani Conditioning Hair and Scalp Ritual.  The list goes on.

I decide on the Lime and Ginger Salt Glow and Massage and the Frangipani Ritual.  I’m to show up at least 30 minutes early to “detox the mind”.  This is going to be great!  The day arrives and I’m given a locker key, robe and slippers.  Off I go to “detox my mind” on the heated lounge chair.

The next thing I hear is “Ms. [Smith], time for your treatment.  How was your nap?”  OMG, I had fallen asleep.

In the treatment room I’m shown a tray filled with assorted disposable underwear.  I don the most attractive and dive under the heated towels.  In comes Claudia, a beautiful young woman who looks to be a size 2 teenager.  We start with warm oil dripped on my skin, followed by lovely smelling sandpaper  — the ginger salt glow — massaged everywhere.  This is great!

From somewhere in my past life I hear someone whispering, “Ms. [Smith], you can turn over now”.  It’s Claudia.  I had fallen asleep again.

Next is a scotch shower.  Then back under the towels for a full body massage.  Ah, I could live in this treatment room.

The Frangipani Conditioning Hair and Scalp Ritual follows, but there is a 15-minute lag time so it’s back to the detox chair, this time sipping my cucumber water.

The hair ritual is marvelous!  I smell like a flower garden as the work continues.

Several hours later I emerge completely refreshed and looking less like the cover of Field and Stream. I meet my husband for a late lunch.  Looking up quickly from his laptop he asks, “When’s your appointment?”

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