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Seabourn Upgrades On The Way

Yesterday was some somewhat disappointing news (at least for some) regarding the discontinuation of most of the complimentary Seabourn Experiences. I told you it was really not a cost-cutting measure, but rather an evolution of Seabourn’s upscaling its overall experience for its guests. Sooooooooooo……
I can now let you know of a couple of very nice upgrades across the entire fleet:

Deck Furniture – Yes, its true!  Gone shortly will be the plastic lounge chairs. In their place will be extremely nice, comfortable and very upscale lounges…and they will be very cool. I can’t disclose more now, but I know it will be hard to find a complaint about them. I, personally, think they will well and truly change the look of the deck on the triplets and richen the experience.  Trust me on this:  When you see the you will know that there were many less costly options available…and Seabourn went for the best.

Tableware – New tableware is coming and there will be three different styles; one focused for each unique dining venue on the Odyssey.  It is amazing how a change in tableware – which is surprisingly expensive – can alter the look of not only the restaurant, but the presentation of the food.  In my superyacht business I can tell you that just the size, shape, color, trim (if any), if there is a discernible rim, weight, balance, durability, etc., etc. of each piece takes hours of discussion.  Each piece receives different opinions from the chefs (presentation), the servers (workability) and head of the restaurant (overall look). It is not an easy task.

Now, let’s compare:  How many are happier with the new deck furniture and spiffying up of the tableware vs. how many are disappointed with the elimination of the mostly underutilized Seabourn Experiences?  Thought so. 

(And for those are are still disappointed…and didn’t book your cruise with me to ease same…there are are more good things to come!)

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