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What is Ahead for Cruising & Travel? The CDC Encourages Speculation…and Little Science…While Abusing Crew and Passengers with Classic Bureaucratic Arrogance.

I must preface this article: I am a big proponent of doing whatever is reasonable to stop or reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what I am fearful of, and what I am unfortunately seeing, is that draconian, over-the-top, and scientifically unsupported positions are undermining the this goal. People – both guests and crew –

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I Never Liked the Term Social Distancing. Here’s Why, Why I Love Travel and Why the Same Approach at Home May Make You See Things

You may recall when the concept of “social distancing” came about I said I preferred the term “social spacing“. My point was that we don’t need to distance ourselves from others in society, but rather simply space ourselves out so as to reduce the chance of being infected with COVID-19. One of our society’s biggest

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On It’s Way…Finally

The Clipper Pacific finally set sail from Tampa, Florida late on July 29th after completing numerous repairs. In addition to the failed steel plating being replaced, numerous other safety violations were addressed. The reports are that the crew was cooperative and they attended to many of the violations that were not required to be completed

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It’s Like a Sandwich! Seabourn Spirit – New Ports for 2009

It is not the bread that usually distinguishes or defines a a sandwich. Tuna or cheese, roast beef or chicken salad; you don’t usually mention the bread. It is not that the bread is unimportant, but it is just not as important for most. “Tuna on rye” or “Chicken salad on a hard roll”; never

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The Seabourn Pride, Legend and Spirit – Long Range Plans

There has been in further inquiry about the plans for Seabourn’s current fleet of three small yachtlike ships with more than enough false rumors and innuendo that their end is near. The fact is, as I had previously posted, the triplets are part of Seabourn’s long range plans. Here are some truths: 1. The smaller

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What Drives Me Crazy About Message Boards and Why I Am Here

As many of you know, someone incorrectly posted on Cruise Critic that Seabourn “stole” away a Silversea ship…then it was that it was meant to be a Silversea ship and that “Some people were even crossed with Seabourn for taking over the contract! ” Where does this stuff come from? Then, on the Silversea board

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Seabourn Odyssey – The Details.

So what is this new Seabourn Odyssey all about? First, let me state the obvious…which might not be that obvious to those who have not cruised on Seabourn. The new ship is about service. Consistent service. The service you expect. Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean have far more toys and venues than the Odyssey, but

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What Makes a Good Travel Agent Even Better. Thank You Seabourn!

I always find the different perspectives on with whom to buy one’s cruise interesting. There are those that only consider price, those that consider assistance and yet others that consider extras. An interesting thing happened just today when a client was given an inaccurate quote from another agency and then asked me to beat that

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