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You Want Your Travel Dreams…The Real Dream…To Be A Reality? Here’s Goldring Travel’s!

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about Seabourn’s Antarctica cruises.  While most people that commented loved the article there were a few comments about how it was wrong to post articles about travel experiences that most people cannot afford.  That bothered me.  It bothered me not because I felt the comments were correct, but because those making the comments have an unfortunate perspective and have, I guess, given up “The Dream”.

When I started Goldring Travel I didn’t really think of “The Dream”.  I thought of the frustration of having lousy travel agents who did nothing other than read from a computer screen (or, back then, also from a brochure).  What I didn’t see was that my frustration was not with getting lousy advice, but rather that somebody was interfering with my dream.  But, alas, what took time was realizing that my dream was not getting a great deal on a cruise in the right stateroom. 

I digress for a moment. 

It is important that you ask “Why?”  Why what?  Why you are using a travel agent.  If you are doing it just to get what you think is a great deal, you are cheating yourself because, as they say, “If you know everything then you know nothing.  If you know how to ask a question, you will know much.” 

Last night I had the rare experience of explaining to someone that they were just mean and they didn’t care about whether I made a penny or even if they wanted a particular trip.  They just wanted to do whatever it took to get what they thought was a deal…and then continue that onto the ship so they could get an even better deal regardless of the impact on me or the innocent crew that would subsequently abuse and potentially get in trouble or fired.  If that is who you are, Goldring Travel isn’t interested in your business. 

If you have never been to Athens or Bordeaux or Norway, how can you “know” what to do?  You can’t.  And if you haven’t been on a particular ship or cruise line (or have only been on it once) how can you know the nuances.  Most Goldring Travel clients don’t want to skim a book or check places off of a list.  They want to really experience it.  For example, one client wanted to see Cappadocia, Turkey in a day but with information I was able to give they decided it was better to experience one another place well than to do both place not so well.  Another client wanted to travel the Great Ocean Road and the Yarra Hills in Victoria, Australia in two days, but again the same issue and the same result.  And in both instances I could have made it happen…just not well.  And I will spend hours trying to make such things happen and walk away without booking a tour if it isn’t right.  If you are someone who just can’t get enough (regardless of your budget), Goldring Travel would be privileged to earn your business.  (Read this too!

OK, now back to my dream and Goldring Travel. 

You know when you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “I had a great dream last night, but I really can’t remember the specifics though nonetheless it seems so vivid”.  That is how my life dreams were for many years.

My dream, as I perceive it today, is -fortunately for me- more along the lines of what is expressed in the following video (and please, please, please watch the whole thing):

I remember starting out my boating days on my dad’s 21 foot Pursuit on the Shrewsbury River and fishing in Sandy Hook, then on the lakes in upstate New York gathering fish for my Honor’s thesis, then on research boats gutting bluefish and silver hake  (and getting stung by jelly fish) while a biological aid with the National Marine Fisheries Service, then sailing on my friend’s 42′ Hunter sailboat out of Coconut Grove, Florida and then owning my own 19 foot center console fishing machine after building yachts in Australia.

All of those things were not really “living the dream”, but were preparing me for it.  (Some people call that “Growing Up”!

Now, “Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth, but I got me a nice little place in the stars”, and I am living The Dream. 

The Dream is not about going places and it is not about just appreciating where you have been.  My Dream (and it is my dream; not yours!) is to share all the good stuff, but not only with family (and I have a great one) and friends (some of those are pretty special too), but to walk into my office or open my laptop where ever I am in the world and help others live their dreams (and it is your dream; not mine!). 

Yeah, I know, in a perfect dream I could do all of this for nothing.  But nothing is perfect and I have to make a living.  But you will know that whether it is a Seabourn or Celebrity cruise, a luxury safari or a beach holiday, Goldring Travel has as its backbone a passion and love not only for travel, but your travel.

Inspired?  Curious?  Trust me?  Give me a call at (877) 2GO-LUXURY or +1 732 578 8585 and let’s make your dream a reality too!

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