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French Polynesia on Windstar’s Star Breeze (January 2022) – Part III – Nice! Easy! (And Ketchup on a Hot Dog?)

One’s initial impression of Windstar Cruises is that everything is Nice and Easy.  There is a casual yet intuitive service that kind of sneaks up on you.  The genuine smiles are everywhere, but that intuitive service is hidden behind an incredibly easy going manner. Other luxury lines deliver the “product” but a sense of stress

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Seabourn’s New Marketing: Sexist, Offensive & Alienating

Seabourn announced that it has a new marketing I find seriously offensive and, to be sure, off-brand (or what Seabourn’s brand apparently used to be!).  In two decades in the business I have never seen anything like it…and hope I never do again! Seabourn calls it “This Is Your Moment” and is focused on the

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Perspective: Covid-19 is a “Physical Disease of the Unvaccinated” But Has Become an “Emotional and Practical Disease of the Vaccinated”

The beginning of 2022 has, unfortunately, been filled with “What If” calls and emails…and a whole bunch of disgruntled posts on luxury cruise-related Facebook pages normally reserved for more upbeat and cheerleading thoughts. I’m going to digress and put my belief right up front and I have serious concerns as to why neither the CDC

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End the Year as it Began: Covid-19 and the CDC…Ugh

Today the CDC decided to recommend nobody go on a cruise even when the cruise lines require you to be vaccinated and to be tested before boarding the ship.  This makes no scientific sense and, to me, is highly irresponsible and utterly inconsistent with its recommendations regarding going out to dinner or a show or

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